We will deliver 2 days of training in the Interim Phase of your Grant Project, and another 2 days of training during the Final Reporting Phase of your Grant Project. As we expect large number of participants, the trainings will be delivered to 4 groups of approximately 30 participants.
All trainings will be organized as one-day events in Skopje.
The Inception Phase trainings will help you better understand and apply the secondary procurement requirements under PRAG. The trainings of the Final Reporting Phase will focus on how to write a proper Narrative and Financial Report.

Through concise theoretical and practical input, case studies of examples of reporting, and ample exercises, we will tackle some really burning issues, such as: categories of cost, eligible vs. non-eligible costs, reporting templates, accounting records including general ledger, sub-ledgers, payrolls, and fixed assets registers, proofs of service delivery and receipt, time-sheets, vehicle ledgers, invoices, receipts, bank statements, VAT issues, etc.
We strongly recommend that both applicants and co-applicants designate 2 persons from each organization, directly involved in the implementation of the Grant Projects, to participate in our trainings (preferably the project coordinator and the financial manager).

Participants who complete the whole training cycle of the project will be awarded the completion


In the photo: his Excellency Aivo Orav, Head of the Delegation of the EU, awards Certificates to successful participants of the Empower 2 project, in July 2014 in Skopje.