On Line Support

Our project will launch an interactive Website. In addition to standard information relating to grants and standard links to relevant stakeholders, this Website will provide 3 exceptionally useful tools for you:

Forum, Helpdesk, Grant Management Toolkit

First, there will be a Forum where all grant recipients will be able to communicate among each other: raise issues, share experiences, open discussions, seeks solutions, provide mutual help. Our experts will be monitoring this discussions and provide the necessary guidance.

Second, the web page will provide a Helpdesk tool, where you can address an issue directly to one of our two experts, who will make sure to provide you with the best possible answer. All the important issues that will be raised and clarified either in the Forum or through the Helpdesk will be compiled in a Frequently Asked Questions section, where you can browse for helpful tips raised by your colleagues.

Third, in due course of time, from the web site you will be able to download the Toolkit for Grant Management, where you will be able to find all the relevant documents and templates that may be of any help for a successful management of your grant project. We will work closely both with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Central Financing and Contracting Department, Secretariat for European Affairs, European Union Delegation, Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations and successful projects in the country in order to collect in a single place, interpret, clarify and harmonize the guidelines. An added value in this process would be to identify all the discrepancies and overlaps, and if possibly eliminate the unnecessary and complicating requirements.

Your feedback is valuable to us!