Project Location: 

Municipalities of Skopje, Bitola, Prilep and Štip.

Project Duration: 

20 months: from 14.12.2015  to 14.08.2017.

Overall Objective: 

To facilitate the social inclusion of vulnerable young people through creation of equal opportunities for accessing the labor market.

Specific Objectives: 

To support, encourage and increase the participation of vulnerable young people in the labor market by improving their employability, build skills to join the labor market and fully integrate into the society.

Target Group / Beneficiaries: 

Primary target group:

  • Young offenders and young people without parental care (15 - 21) and children with educational and social difficulties;
  • Young unemployed people beneficiaries of social assistance (18 - 29).

Secondary target group:

  • Youth NGOs;
  • Professional staff in relevant public body actors: municipalities, centres for social work, employment service centres, public institutions for children and young people hosting the primary target group.

Final beneficiaries:

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;
  • Employment Service Agency;
  • Young people's families;
  • Municipalities;
  • General public.
  • Project management:
    • Establishing of project team and communication plan;
    • Establishing of Steering Committee;
    • Kick-off meeting and promotion of the project.
  • Identification and needs assessment:
    • Identification of participants – trainers to the Train of Trainers workshop;
    • Identification of young people recipient of social welfare and Development of Study Needs Map;
    • Identification of participants’ young adults living in institutions and Development of Social Cards.
  • EU Knowledge transfer to trainers and professional staff:
    • Development of Methodology for career counselling and early career guidance;
    • Organisation of Train of Trainers – ToT workshops.
  • Youth Info Career Centres “Open Door” set up:
    • Identifying venues and refurbishment plan;
    • Equipping of the “Open door” centers.
  • Piloting Career Counselling Trainings for young unemployed:
    • Development of plan for delivery of the trainings and description of assignment;
    • Organisation of group trainings for young people living in institutions (children without parental care and young people with educational difficulties);
    • Organisation of group trainings for young people recipients of social welfare.
  • Evaluation and dissemination of project results:
    • Development of project dissemination information;
    • Promotion of Study Need Map of young people recipients of social welfare;
    • Official opening of the YIC “Open door”;
    • Final Conference;
    • Project Evaluation.
Lead Organization: 

Коалиција на младински организации „Сега“ – Прилеп

Partner Organization: 
Центар за економски и социјален развој (ЦЕСОР) – Скопје
Младинско здружение за општествена акција, едукација и превентива (ЕАСП) – Скопје
К.А.Б.А. Словенско – Мартин, СЛОВАЧКА / K.A.B.A. Slovensko – Martin, SLOVENSKO
Contact Details: 
Zoran ILIESKI, Team Leader
+389 78 470 400