Leadership & Management Seminars

At least 6 times over the next 2 years we will organize one-day Leadership & Management Seminars. Through seminar workshops focused on your project experiences, challenges and problem solving, we will exchange successful practices with your Coordinators on strategic planning and project management. There will be opportunities for you to explore various areas of organization leadership and project management, such as networking, user engagement, project quality, sustainability, innovation.

In the afternoon sessions of the seminars, we will be joined by MLSP and CFCD representatives, who will hear your problems and support you in small group work.

Only 1 person per each organization in your Grant Project will be invited to participate in the Leadership & Management Seminars. Criteria for the selection will be communicated additionally.

The final Leadership & Management Seminar will be also an occasion to organize two parallel events: the Certification Award Ceremony and the Project Fair. The Project Fair will be an opportunity for you to present the outcomes of your current Grant Project, but also of other projects that you have successfully completed in your past. Of course, this will also be an excellent opportunity to present future project ideas and discuss with other attending organizations possible new partnerships. We will target prospective donors at the Project Fair, who may become attracted by your project ideas.

Participants who attend all 6 Leadership and Management Seminars will be
entitled to a Certificate in Project Leadership and Management