About Us

Dear Grant Scheme Recipients

We are happy to announce the launching of a new project in the field of social inclusion promotion – Technical Assistance in Project Management and Monitoring of the Grant Scheme “Fostering Social Inclusion”.

What is our objective?

The Global Objective of the project is to provide conducive environment for efficient and effective implementation of social inclusion grant projects.

The Specific Objective of this assignment is to strengthen the skills and increase the knowledge of the grant recipients awarded under the Call for Proposal “Fostering Social Inclusion” – EuropeAid/135012/M/ACT/MK in order to do effective, efficient and ethical implementation (sound administration) of the grant.

What do we offer to you?

We are here to assist you in your grant project implementation and reporting, support you at your workplace, build the capacities of your managers and staff, compile for you a complete toolkit for grant management to clarify your questions, and provide you with day-to-day support through our web site.

How long will we support you?

From the first to the last day of your grant project implementation. We are here to provide Technical Assistance to 15-month and 24-month projects alike.

What language will be used?

The official language of communication for all grant projects endorsed under the Grant Scheme “Fostering Social Inclusion” is English. Also, our experts are international ones, and so are some of the organizations implementing the grant projects.

However, we will provide Macedonian and Albanian translation of all training materials and interpretation of all our events.

Who are stakeholders?

You, as the 26 grant recipients from the Grant Scheme “Fostering Social Inclusion” are the Direct Beneficiaries of our project because you will be the ones who will directly receive our Technical Assistance.
The overall Project Beneficiary is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) (www.mtsp.gov.mk). The Contracting Authority is the Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) of the Ministry of Finance (www.cfcd.finance.gov.mk). Other Relevant Stakeholders include representative associations of the Local Self-Government, Civil Society and the Private Sector. The project is funded by the European Union (www.eeas.europa.eu), and implemented by the AECOM’s Consortium from Spain (www.aecom.com).

What do we offer to you?


We will deliver 2 days of training at the Interim Phase of your grant project, and another 2 days of training during the Final Reporting Phase of your project. As we expect large number of participants, the trainings will be delivered to 4 groups of approximately 30 participants.

Online Support

Our project will launch an interactive Web Site. In addition to standard information relating to grants and standard links to relevant stakeholders, this web site will provide 3 exceptionally useful tools for you.

On-the-Spot Visits

In order to make sure we truly understand the context in which you operate we will be visiting you on-the-spot, in the premises of the Lead Organizations of your grant project.

Leadership & Management Seminars

At least 6 times over the next 2 years we will organize one-day Leadership & Management Seminars. Through seminar workshops focused on your project experiences, challenges and problem solving, we will exchange successful practices with your Coordinators on strategic planning and project management.


All our events will be organized in Skopje. Almost half of the organizations who will be implementing the grant projects are located in Skopje. Also, Skopje is easiest to reach by the remaining participants located throughout the country.

Participants coming from outside of Skopje
will be reimbursed for their travel expenses.

Participants coming from towns more than 150 km distant from Skopje
will be eligible for hotel accommodation as well.

International participants, for the purpose of this project, will be deemed as located in Skopje and shall not be eligible for travel reimbursement and hotel accommodation under this project.

You will be timely invited to all our project events, and more detailed instructions will be provided before each event in due course.