Project Location: 

Pelagonija Region: Municipalities of Prilep, Krivogaštani and Dolneni.

Project Duration: 

18 months: from 14.12 2016  to 14.06.2017.

Overall Objective: 

To increase employability of disadvantaged persons in order to facilitate their social integration and access to the labour market.

Specific Objectives: 
  • To improve the employment skills and competences of disadvantaged persons that will lead toward sustainable employment;
  • To encourage labour market activation through promotion of individual pathways towards employment;
  • To increase participation of disadvantaged persons into the labour market.
Target Group / Beneficiaries: 
  • Socially disadvantaged, unemployed citizens of Municipalities of Prilep, Krivogaštani and Dolneni;
  • Local self-governments of Prilep, Krivogaštani and Dolneni;
  • Employment Agency in Prilep;
  • Business sector (employers) in Prilep, Krivogaštani and Dolneni;
  • General public in targeted municipalities.
  • Development and realization of trainings leading to sustainable integration into the labour market (recruitment and forming 3 groups of disadvantaged and unemployed people, providing 3 cycles of training on soft skills and job searching methods for each group, arrangement a vocational training for drivers of transport vehicles);
  • Provision of individual support in job search processes (career guidance: information, counselling, arrangement of meetings with employer).
Lead Organization: 

ЈУ Меѓуопштински центар за социјална работа (ЦСР) – Прилеп

Partner Organization: 
Младински културен центар (МКЦ) – Битола
Contact Details: