Project Location: 

Skopje Region: the ten urban municipalities and the following: Aračinovo, Čučer-Sandevo, Ilinden, Petrovec, Sopište, Studeničani, Zelenikovo.

Project Duration: 

18 months: from 14.12.2015  to 14.06.2017.

Overall Objective: 

Тo foster equal and active inclusion of persons with disabilities into the open labour market.

Specific Objectives: 

To pilot and promote a model of sustainable employment of persons with disabilities, based on their abilities to contribute as equal and active citizens.

Target Group / Beneficiaries: 
  • Persons with disabilities;
  • Business sector;
  • Public institutions responsible for employment of persons with disabilities;
  • Civic organizations;
  • Experts and professionals;
  • General public.

1) Increasing employability and access to the open labour market by persons with disabilities:

  • Selection of persons with disabilities to participate in the action;
  • Provision of training in basic employability (‘soft’) skills;
  • Provision of individual tailor-made training in specific skills relevant for concrete identified vacancies;
  • Mentoring of persons with disabilities in applying for and starting a new job.

2) Strengthening companies’ capacities to offer barrier-free employment to persons with disabilities:
  • Research among different types of employers on the attitudes, needs and obstacles that enterprises face regarding disability employment;
  • Workshops for human-resources personnel;
  • Practical guide for companies: “Employing and Managing PwD” (working title);
  • Tailor-made support packages to companies.

3) Informing on the needs, possibilities and benefits of employing persons with disabilities:
  • Creation and functioning of a web-platform for exchange of information and experiences;
  • Organization of peer-to- peer exchange meetings between employers of persons with disabilities;
  • Preparation of video on three project success stories (i.e. employed persons with disabilities);
  • Preparation of policy brief fostering inclusion of persons with disabilities in the open labour market.

Здружение за асистивна технологија „Отворете ги прозорците“ – Скопје

Partner Organization: 
Здружение „Конект“ – Скопје
Contact Details: 
Vesna JOVANOVA, Project Manager
+389 75 342 331