Project Location: 

18 municipalities from 6 electoral districts.

Project Duration: 

18 months: from 15.12.2015  to 15.06.2017.

Overall Objective: 

To create a MAPSI – Macedonian Active Platforms for Social Inclusion – total of 18 active platforms – networks which will include wide array of subjects and target groups, in order to significantly improve the status of the vulnerable groups on local level.

Specific Objectives: 
  • Strengthening the role of the relevant stakeholders (local self-government units, governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders) in the development, implementation and monitoring of social inclusion programs with special focus on building partnerships, networking and cooperation;
  • Increased participation of all the local stakeholders to improve or create opportunities for the people at social risk and persons experiencing social exclusion to have easy access into the labour market;
  • Stakeholders to play an active role in the development, implementation and monitoring of social inclusion programs at local level.
Target Group / Beneficiaries: 

Target Groups:

  • Vulnerable groups and individuals exposed to social risks on local level in each of the 18 municipalities (Youth and Women);
  • Employees of the local and central administration, public institutions, and CSOs working in the field of social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups.


  • Local Self-Government Units;
  • Municipal Councils;
  • Government bodies / public institutions represented on local level;
  • CSOs;
  • Business sector / community;
  • Religious organizations on local level;
  • Various local interest groups and unions (farmers, craftsmen, health organizations, trade unions, chambers of commerce etc.);
  • Youth councils;
  • Academic institutions;
  • Local media and the general public;
  • Citizens of Republic of Macedonia.


Working package No. 1 – Work with the local CSOs.

  • Meetings and creation of the CSO coordinative network – 18 CSOs on local level;
  • Workshop and training on capacity building for coordination and monitoring of the Local Active Platform for Social Inclusion (multipartite social dialogue in the municipality) –Training of trainers (TOT on the Matrix for monitoring);
  • Based on the monitoring model the CSO coordinative network will create the unified strategy for creation of an all inclusive program by all stakeholders.

Working package No. 2 – Work with the local stakeholders.

  • Individual meetings with stakeholders on local level and creation of all-inclusive lists of all the local stakeholders present in the targeted municipality;
  • All-inclusive local conferences coordinated by the local CSOs. Creation of the Local Active Platforms for Social Inclusion. The local stakeholders will be trained to use the model for monitoring (the Matrix) and identifying critical spots and solutions for greater integration and inclusion of the target groups;
  • Continuous work of the LAPSI -Three workshops on local level in every target municipality.

Working package No. 3 – Visibility and communication of project results.

  • Conference of the Macedonian Active Platforms for Social Inclusion - national level- all 18 Local Platforms presenting the strategies and programs executed and open public discussion on the outcomes – to be held in Skopje;
  • Promotion of the MAPSI programs on local level- Preparation of press releases and media campaign;
  • Creation of an internet online platform for increase of inter and intra municipal cooperation and further spreading and multiplication of the results.
Lead Organization: 

Институт за економски стратегии и меѓународни односи Охрид (ОИ) – Скопје

Partner Organization: 
Македонско женско лоби (МЖЛ) – Скопје
Contact Details: 
Biljana JANEVA, Executive Director
+389 70 244 694

+389 2 322 4457